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  1. Rules for Donator's 1. There will be NO donation refund's given under any circumstances with the exception of stolen payment method's and technical difficulties in this case valid evidence must be shown. 2. In the case of a donator being banned or deleted the player does not have the right to demand the donated item's to be refunded on a new character. 3. Donator's are obligated to follow server and forum rule's. 4. Donator's are to be treated the same as other player's without any special privileges. 5. Selling an account that has acquired donation items is strictly forbidden. 6. In the case of wipe or liquidation of the server, donation's will be restored in the form of Coins with the same amount that was on the account the day prior to the wipe/liquidation of the server. 7. Any form of fraud attempt's will be reported to the appropriate authorities for them to take necessary action. 8. This does not affect your statutory rights. 9. Admin's reserve the rights to change donations rule's and reward's. The donations received, are used to help sustain the development, hosting and marketing costs of running Free Perfect World. All transactions are handled securely through PayPal, and are processed by an automated system. Hence, your Bucks should be available in your account some minutes after PayPal has successfully confirmed the transaction
  2. First of all, there is a Rule, see your ban message, it says. 4.5. Here is the Rules Free Perfect World don't provide any refund. See the Donation rules that you accept after you donated. Here are the Donation rules.
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
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  6. 1.5.1 server with 3 Races and 6 Classes.
  7. Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Send the Cubi Gold now manually.
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  10. The Skins are for Male and Female. There is a Tab with "Female" and "Male"
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    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Teemo

    Bucks to Cubi

    I sent the gold to you manually.