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Welcome to Free Perfect World

It's called Perfect World , because it's perfect.

Server is currently in Beta. Please report all Bugs on our Bug Tracker HERE

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  1. Last week
  2. Has been fixed in update 17-18
  3. Earlier
  4. Changed Status to Accepted
  5. Changed Status to Confirmed
  6. Changed Status to Unconfirmed
  7. Check it already and saw also a few ppl that are already insta or max aps but will test it again.
  8. Changed Status to Confirmed
  9. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. check it & fix it. Tysm 2019-10-12_18-50-44.bmp
  11. Please check it when u online.
  12. Tyvm for reporting. Will bex fixed on the next update.
  13. Barbs got bugged & stucked inside the messenger of time when teleporting to Moonshade Desert. I tried to teleport as human form, as barb form, as flying, tried relogging, nothing works.
  14. Changed Status to Under Review
  15. I personally like that idea.
  16. I just had an idea, since there are a lot of "glass of pvp" and "candy of pvp" drops outside Arcosaur and they are only used to trade starter gear for beginners, maybe it can be implemented a new npc that trades them for "eye of ra" and "ba soul" . You do need a lot of those mats to upgrade your beginner's gear. Let me know what everyone thinks about that and maybe share other thoughts. P.S. - sorry for my english
  17. Changed Status to Confirmed
  18. Changed Status to Unconfirmed
  19. Tyvm for reporting. I will check and fix if the error occurs with me too. Do you use the client from Free Perfect World?
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